Anodyne Therapy

Ryan Physical Therapy is pleased to offer Anodyne Therapy as part of a comprehensive therapy program. Anodyne Therapy uses infrared light to dilate vessels and increase blood flow to the treated area, providing more nutrients and oxygen.

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What Conditions Does Anodyne Help?

Anodyne may help with any condition that can benefit from:
Increased circulation
Reduced pain


Anodyne Therapy should not be used:
Directly over any active cancer
Over or near the womb of a pregnant woman
Directly over a topical heating agent such as BenGay, Icy Hot or Capsaicin Completely remove these agents before applying Anodyne

The following are the only known side-effects:

Superficial burns - Follow instructions carefully for treatment times
Hypoglycemia - Always check your blood sugar whenever you start a new therapy with an increase in activity

Anodyne may be used safely with:

Metal implants, pins, screws
Pacemakers and defibrillators
There is no electrical current or deep heat associated with this device

If you need physical therapy for a problem, you have a choice and the right to attend whatever therapy practice or facility you prefer. Ask your physician, dentist or surgeon to refer you to Ryan Physical Therapy Associates, The Right Choice. Call us at 301-797-4572 to schedule a visit today.

Various Anodyne Application Examples

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